The IEEE Student Branch of Vavuniya Campus of the University of Jaffna has organized a program called Book Drive for Charity. This event starts from today[10-09-2020] onwards to upcoming 10 days. This is going to be held in Vavuniya district. Our aim is to build new library for a selected village.

Prior to the event. We would like to request all public people to contribute with your old or new books. If you are interested in making a support to us. Please drop all your books at our booth located at our campus premises.


  • Pambaimadu Campus Premises, Vavuniya
  • Park Road Campus Premises, Vavuniya
  • Kurumankadu Campus Premises, Vavuniya
  • Inner circular Road Campus Premises, Vavuniya

Do join us for the event and bring along your hands and support. Looking forward this upcoming collaborative effort to help those in need! Together we can make difference in the education of the children who are less fortunate.

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