Solar Eclipse Campaign

The Solar Eclipse Campaign was a public eclipse observational campaign organized by Arthur C. Clarke Institute for Modern Technologies (ACCIMT) in collaborative with IEEE student branch of VCUOJ. It took place on the 26th of December 2020 in Mannar; the location where the solar eclipse entered Srilanka this time. The observation started at 8.00 AM according to the local time. The partial eclipse began at 8.09 AM, the annular phase of the eclipse was visible at 9.34 AM and took a duration of 0m 42s.The partial phase ended at 11.22 AM.

Researchers Mr.Janka ,Mr.Indika, Mr.Jayathu and Mr.Kamal including a research scientist from New Zealand and an oral technician were also present at the campaign for their research purposes where the IEEE members of VCUOJ helped in explaining and demonstrating the solar eclipse to the public. As Srilanka was in the middle of annuity of the eclipse this time people got experienced watching the ring of fire where 93.4% of the sun was covered by the moon when it was at the peak. Through this event most of the people especially school children got their first experience of observing the eclipse through a telescope and it was indeed a happy moment for us as well.


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  1. Really had a great time with people to explain about solar eclipse, and had a chat with a scientist is an added bonus.

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